Live Review: The Garden / Green Door Store

Having travelled across the pond in the past only to play to the little and few, it was more than refreshing to see The Garden return for a packed out performance at Brighton’s Green Door Store. Now on their second album haha, the American alternatives have taken to honing a sound that explores a deeper and more transient side of the sonic spectrum than that of their debut The Life and Times of A Paperclip. 

Opening the night were Brighton natives Yonaka who, although seem pretty elusive, have been gathering a lot of momentum lately. With their tracks occasionally creeping into Huw Stephens’ Radio One show, it’s no surprise that their floor filling sound managed to reduce the amount of trips people made to the bar. Followed by a set from Shame who drew an almost direct comparison to fellow noise rockers Fat White Family with their heavy melodies and sweaty t-shirt removal, as much as they disputed this afterwards.

It’s known by nature that The Garden are renowned for a far from conventional live performance with previous sightings of the duo leaving their instruments to climb walls and lose themselves among the crowd and this time was no exception. As the heavy basslines of tracks like This Could Build Us A Home and We Be Grindin’ trembled through the venue whilst shaking the train station above, Fletcher made his way into the crowd to sneak up on audience members who were too engrossed with the music to even realised. People were certainly engrossed as the fusion of hip-hop, D&B and rock tones of All Smiles Over Here 🙂 heavily transfixed anyone they could take hold of.

Taking it down a level with the hypnotic delivery of I Guess We’ll Never Know, The Garden truly showed how they have the power to captivate a crowd even through minimalism. This was truly the case by the time it came to Jesters Game which heard rapturous declarations of “you’re my king and you’re my queen” from an audience that was clearly not all there anymore.

As quickly as they had entered, the Shears brothers made their way offstage to leave the room feeling shaken raw in the sweat of countless amounts of people trying to gormlessly navigate their way out.

Words William Castile


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