Monthly Spinbox

Your record collection is growing tired and you’ve listened to the same Bowie album so many times it feels as if you’ve already been to Mars and back again so why not look for something new? If you’re a bit too clingy to your precious limited edition Rolling Stones 12 inch or just can’t pull yourself out of a deep dark pit of indie rock, then Spinbox is the perfect thing for you.

With a choice between curating a custom designed Spinbox package or the surprise of choosing from one of their specialised genres, this isn’t just an ordinary vinyl subscription package. Carefully hand picking some of the greatest and best releases, whether it be an old classic or a contemporary release, every month will see your collection growing ever greater as one more of their earth friendly packages touches down on your doorstep.

What’s even better is that we’ve teamed up with Spinbox to share some of their favourite records each month whilst GRØN readers can receive a $10 discount on their first month of subscription with the code GRON10 here. 

October Spinbox

Tobias Jesso Jr – Goon

Lying somewhere between the charismatic piano melodies of Elton John and the melancholy of David Bowie’s more lamenting material, Goon is a tender and sultry debut that sees the piano brought back to the musical forefront in a revival of the Baroque pop era. The mellowness of tracks like How Could You Babe and Hollywood with the contrasting audacity of Crocodile Tears serves to portray an emotional journey through love and the pain it causes. Goon takes you from one emotional extreme to the other then back again.

Natalie Prass – Natalie Prass

This stunning self titled debut again comes from across the Atlantic however this time from the American songstress Natalie Prass. Crafting herself a sweetheart image of serenity, her minimalistic approach on the album’s lead single Why Don’t You Believe In Me tears down the facade of the modern pop industry through a carefully orchestrated instrumentation of trumpets, piano and drums, of course accompanied by her angelically simplistic vocals. Other notable tracks include Bird Of Prey and the heart wrenching Violently.

November Spinbox

Twin Peaks – Wild Onion

November saw a slightly heavier tone make an appearance in our Spinbox which was aided by the selection of Chicago based Twin Peak’s second album Wild Onion. With the purple vinyl imitating an onion already being very aesthetically pleasing, it was even more satisfying to hear the powerful melodies and angst ridden vocals of I Found A New Way and Fade Away. Guitars ravage through this 12 inch so much so that you’re left wondering if your record player managed to survive the journey.

Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect

Making undoubtedly the biggest and loudest noise we’ve heard so far from our Spinboxes are the post-punk rockers Protomartyr. Set to shake your bedroom down to the ground, the appropriately named Why Does It Shake provides perhaps one of the darkest and most raucous sounds on the band’s second album. Accompanied with the roar of Dope Cloud, The Devil In His Youth and Boyce Or Boice, this is truly an album for getting all that pent up anger out of you.

Words by William Castile 


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