Album Review: West Kirby County Primary / Bill Ryder Jones

After stepping down as the guitarist of psychedelic rock band The Coral, Bill Ryder Jones‘ audacious sound is quickly prevailing on his latest and most influential solo album West Kirby County Primary.

Since his previous work with Arctic Monkeys and The Wytches, Bill has set out on a venture that’s seen him moving towards new and more personal ideas. The central success of his new album cultivates from his most personal track, Two to Birkenhead, a tender and heart wrenching ballad which was recorded in his childhood home.

Ryder Jones’ ambitious yet warmingly familiar style is blossoming and the fuzz rock this album radiates is similar to that of a reemerging Britpop style. The likes of Satellites and the more so introspective tracks like Wild Roses and Sea Birds, are just as strong throughout. Bill is no song writer, he’s a storyteller and listening to every one of these short tales unfold is deeply captivating.

Bill Ryder Jones undeniably takes you from one emotional to another and, whether it be a rage filled anthem or a soothing lament, his messages stay ever poignant. Emotive, poignant and experimental, West Kirkby Country Primary has to be Bill’s most moving work so far.

Words by Tilly Lewis


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