Track Review: Crocodile / Tuff Love


After announcing that their debut compilation LP Resort will be released early next year, Glaswegian grunge rockers Tuff Love have shared their latest single Crocodile. 

Named after the enigmatic reptile, the track slithers and slides through the menacing chime of hypnotic guitars whilst interweaving with the dissonant vocals of Julie Eisenstein and Suse Bear. Crocodile sees the duo fuse together the glamour of glittering guitar pop with deep melancholia to lure you further into their grasp. Much like a crocodile hunting its prey, you’re instantly captivated and, once they have you, there’s no escaping Tuff Love’s musical brilliance.

Resort will round up three years of their work with favourites from both the Junk and Dregs EPs making an appearance on the fifteen track compilation, due for release on January 29th. With their apathetically cool image and nostalgic style resounding with many, Tuff Love are warming the ears of a nation during these dull winter months.

Words by William Castile


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