Live Review: The Wytches / Tunbridge Wells Forum


Last night, The Wytches filled the Tunbridge Wells Forum with their dark and menacing sound on the penultimate show of their UK tour. Nearing the end of their twenty date schedule, they still managed to up the full sense of anger and dismay that lies within their music.

As the crowd of hardcore rockers, long haired goths and general gig goers gathered as close to the stage as possible, The Wytches’ diversity as a band had already become clear.  Opening the night were TRAAMS who played through a set of raucous grunge rock anthems. The Chichester three piece called heavily upon tracks from their debut album Modern Dancing to raise the energy of the room perfectly for the second support Black Honey.

Much like The Wytches, Black Honey are part of a new wave of artists to emerge from the rapidly expanding Brighton scene and, recently listed in DIY’s ‘Class of 2016’, we certainly have a lot to look forward to. They gave us a taste of this as they opened with the piercing screams of Spinning Wheel before pulling some of their earliest tracks including Teenager and Sleep Forever back out of the archives. After a rapturous response to the harrowing cries of their latest single Corrine, Black Honey left the crowd chilled to their core and filled with fury; a perfect blend of emotions for the oncoming Wytches.

Dressed in black with two lit candles, a heavy mass descended upon the room as the agonizing minor tones of C-Side resounded through the venue. The menacing evil of tracks like Wide At Midnight, Robe For Juda and Summer Again from the debut album Annabel Dream Reader mustered perhaps some of the evening’s biggest responses, although Thunder Lizards Reprive took centre stage. Releasing the four track EP only this August, the strength of the band’s fanbase was clear from the amount of people head-banging, screaming and shouting along to the closing track Wasteybois. 

Drawing their set to a close and leaving the crowd feeling full of fury, The Wytches had managed to stir up something that would be hard to shake off. They summoned an almost supernatural musical dimension that clawed everyone into its grasp and left the room stripped to the bone.

Words by William Castile



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