Track Review: Black Honey / Mothership


Brighton born whammy-bar enthusiasts Black Honey have shared their new track Mothership with the world, and much like the A-side Corrine released back in September, it does not disappoint.

From initially selling out basement gigs to now increasing their already growing status with their first headline tour, Black Honey are definitely the band to have your eye on right now – that is if you don’t already. Mothership, a plodding slow-burner, manages to dabble in styles from the past but seems to still have the power to conquer our current music scene. From the dissonant chimes of menacing guitars to Izzy Baxter-Phillips’ mournful vocals, the band shine a new light upon the pain and angst of their music. This time there’s no need for piercing screams and wailing cries as this instrumentally driven track makes a just as bold statement.

Much like their attitude, Mothership leaves you with the impression that this is still just the beginning for Black Honey. Although they haven’t released a great deal of material, the momentum they’ve picked up this year has been nothing but impressive.

Words by Ruby G


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