December Spinbox


Looking for a last minute Christmas gift idea? Don’t know what to get your music loving friend who claims to own every record under the sun? Well, you can quickly solve all your problems with Spinbox. Offering various packages ranging from the classic Spinbox to specific genre tailored boxes, a subscription to Spinbox is the perfect present this Christmas. What’s more, you can receive $10 off your first month of subscription using the code GRON10 here. 

When our organically packaged and personalised Spinbox landed on our doorstep this month we just couldn’t wait until Christmas Day to see what was inside. With the personalised message reading ‘Here’s two girl bands we’ve been loving’, we immediately expected a barrage of Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child however we were pleasantly surprised. This month’s Spinbox contained records from the Irish noise rock group Girl Band and ‘Meg Remy’s musical moniker’ U.S Girls. 

Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie


It’s no surprise that Girl Band’s debut album Holding Hands With Jamie saw them named as The Irish Times’ Best Band of The Year and, packing a punch with its pulsating rhythms and experimental sounds, they’re certain to pick up many more of these titles in the future. Released back in September, the album spans almost all aspects of the sonic spectrum, from the hypnosis of Baloo to the extraterrestrial Texting An Alien, Girl Band certainly manage to take us through the weird and wonderful on this intriguingly different record.

U.S Girls – Half Free


Meg Remy isn’t afraid to make a statement with her latest album Half Free. With the desperate cries of ‘I’m going to hang myself from the family tree’ in the record’s opening track Sororal Feelings, Remy paints herself as this century’s damaged heroin. Her fusion of melancholic electro-pop with her mystical vocals and techno rhythms especially in Window Shades and New Age Thriller puts her alongside artists like Marina and The Diamonds, arguably the perfect place to be right now.

You can start your first month of subscription with Spinbox by heading over to their website here.

Words by William Castile


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