Track Review: Easier Said / Sunflower Bean


After waking everyone up with the loud roar of Wall Watcher, the lead single of their upcoming debut album Human Ceremony, Sunflower Bean are now showing us a softer side of their sound. Premiering earlier today, Easier Said is a more tender track that explores the delicate intricacies of the New York trio.

A much lighter air surrounds Easier Said as Julia Cumming’s wistful vocals offer what seems like a confession of forgiveness and acceptance as the Yves Saint Laurent muse sensitively avows ‘I’m not scared to take the blame. It’s not your fault and that’s ok’. It’s a far cry from the grungy guitar solos of Wall Watcher and instead hears a contrastingly yet angelic tone brought to what we’ve heard of the record so far.

Having released just two songs from their debut so far, the diversity of emotion, musicality and depth between the tracks is so powerful that Human Ceremony is inevitably set to be one of the year’s most trailblazing albums.

Human Ceremony is set for release on February 5th and is available to pre-order here. 

Words by William Castile



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