Track Review: Adore / Savages


Opening with an aggressively mesmerising bass line, post punk London rockers Savages are expressing the more oppressive side of life in their latest single Adore.

With the morosely profound lyrics of “If I didn’t want the world I’m sure I wouldn’t make you sad”, Adore sets in stone the new and exciting atmosphere surrounding the band’s soon to be released second album. Retaining a sense of tenderness whilst evidently staying true to their characteristically dismal tone, which although at times can seem a bit transparent, Savages manage to perfectly encapsulate the profoundness of their message. But it’s their ideas of the acceptance, confusion and yearning felt by someone seemingly struggling to accept the world around them that, once they surface above the fluctuating melodies, prove to be most sincere.

With this being their third release from the upcoming album, Savages are already proving that Adore Life is going to be on of this year’s boldest statements and Adore is a promising insight into what lies ahead for the band.

Words by Miles Eason


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