Album Review: Leave Me Alone / Hinds


Lo-fi Spanish charmers Hinds have finally released their highly anticipated debut album Leave Me Alone , and it’s bringing some much needed sunniness to these bleak January days – what else could you expect from the bubbly Madrid quartet?

The album’s twelve tracks delve into more emotional territory than people might have expected considering the band’s fun, raucous persona, but this most definitely isn’t a bad thing. Leave Me Alone turns the fuzzy Hinds warmth that we have come to know and love into an honest and relatable account of young love. Fat Calmed Kiddos, for instance, is a particular standout with its almost heart-wrenching cries of “please don’t leave me” masked with bouncy guitars and a breezy tone. Even the quite melancholy sounding And I Will Send Your Flowers Back retains an element of their summery youthfulness, whilst proving that the band are more versatile than we may originally have thought.

Of course, a Hinds album would not be complete without some riotous fun, and the re-recorded Castigadas En El Granero is exactly that. Already a firm fan favourite following its previous release, the track is infectious from the off with its boppy intro and twirly riffs that just make you want to have a little jive. Similarly infectious is the chilled out Warts, which takes pleasant-listening to a whole new level, and the playful San Diego with its shout-along “da da da’s.”

Hinds have hit the nail on the head with their debut – it’s an authentic breath of fresh air that completely lives up to the high expectations that have been set for the band throughout the past year. 

Words by Tabby Green



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