Album Review: Blackstar / David Bowie


Following the tragic loss of our beloved starman, David Bowie, we look back his final album Blackstar , released on his 69th birthday as his parting gift to us.

With the release of his 25th album, Bowie has indefinitely reinvented himself once again with his sheer artistic genius creating yet another beautiful record. The canvas which Blackstar lies upon  is broad and artistic with the jazzy, soulful style and doomy elegance of the title single immediately preparing you in both lyric and art for the grandeur of what is to follow.

Lazarus, somber and haunting yet all the more enchanting, hears the heartbreaking lyrics of ‘look up here, I’m in heaven’ act as a chilling reminder of his passing whilst telling us that he’ll always be a part of this world, whether it be on Earth or among the stars. Sung from the perspective of a homesick alien, Newton, which Bowie played in the 1976 film The Man who Fell To Earth, the track has an essence of eerie groove resembling a less heard but nevertheless alluring side of  Bowie’s work. It’s extremely anecdotal from the foreshadowing of death to the tale of a man sadly out of his time who does not want to die.



Girl Loves Me heralds a menacing elegance with a touch of melancholy as Bowie questions “Where the fuck did Monday go?” As dense and luscious ambiences fuse with darker undertones, the track is undeniably something different, pushing the boundaries of his sound whilst still remaining so fitting to his style and the album itself.

It seems as if all the elements created by Bowie himself give birth to hypnotic and intriguing abstract forms crafted into an album. Blackstar, is something so different to what we have heard from Bowie in the past, in a sense, it is very self-contained  with a little of the electronic fusion heard in his latter tracks such as Low and Heroes.  Nevertheless, as Bowie wanted to avoid rock & roll when creating Blackstar, he created something so contemporary, sublime and utterly groundbreaking.

The man who fell to earth has now returned to the stars- RIP David Bowie and all the characters within you.

Words by Tilly Lewis



One thought on “Album Review: Blackstar / David Bowie

  1. Lovely words sweet pea , I think you’ve summed up this sad passing of a man we all loved! but didn’t know how much until now , jazzy ,soulfull , rocky , whatever we think , a man of great brilliance , in every way , R.I.P.David Bowie…….x

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