Track Review: Small Talk / Ekkah


Describing themselves as falling into the genre of ‘Downtown Disco’, Ekkah certainly call upon some nostalgic beats in their latest single Small Talk. 

Although having only released a small amount of music to date, there’s a huge buzz surrounding the electro-pop duo who, made up of the synonymous Rebecca and Rebekah, have already managed to secure themselves a slot on the NME Awards Tour. Small Talk hears the band quip carefree phrases of “I don’t care about the others, I just wanna be with you” and, accompanied with the fusion of snappy synth rhythms, Ekkah truly encapsulate the playful ethos they embody.

Reminiscent of the late 80s disco era, the duo are right in the middle of a sonic hotspot that’s booming and, triangulated by artists such as Juce, Charli XCX and Femme, it’s definitely where they want to be. Groovy, innovative and fresh, Small Talk is a track that’s certain to have you up and dancing.

Words by William Castile


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