Live Review: Pixie Geldof / Birthdays



Pixie Geldof’s debut album had been bubbling away in the melting pot for a long time coming but, after finally being gifted to the world last Friday, a lucky few were able to experience the ethereal rock chick perform some of the most impassioned tracks from I’m Yours live last night.

With no hesitations upon the doors opening, fans quickly rushed in to turn the intimate Dalston venue Birthdays into the evening’s most lively and bustling hotspot. From 70s nostalgia freaks to first time gig-goers, all sorts of people turned out to get there just in time to be truly woken up by riot-grrrls Yassassin. As the first support act of the night, the sass fueled London five piece almost shook the place down before anyone else even had a chance to perform with their frenzy of politically charged anthems of angst and rebellious attitude. If anyone in the crowd was feeling tired or hungover from the night before, Yassassin certainly snapped them out of it with their wall of sound and screams giving the crowd absolutely nowhere to hide.

Steadying the mood in anticipation of the night’s main event, Caswell shortly followed with her set of transfixing electro-pop tunes. There’s no doubt that what people heard from the second the first sample triggered and her performance begun was the sound of pure tranquility. Triangulated by artists including NAO and JONES, her ability to glide from mellow serenades into floor-filling dance tracks puts Caswell one notch above the others as she truly possesses the voice of the moment.

A simple dimming of the lights reduced the roaring buzz of chatter to a haunting silence whilst making the cliche saying “so quiet you could hear a pin drop” seem very much appropriate as an apathetically cool Pixie appeared on stage as if by the magic of fairy tales. Launching straight into folk driven twang of title track Sweet Thing, it suddenly felt as if you’d been transported across the Atlantic and onto the set of a 1970s Clint Eastwood film as Geldof and her band revived a much loved genre of music whilst playing through some of the most potent peaks of I’m Yours. 

Moments of intense emotion unified the crowd under the command of Geldof’s ethereal prowess during sentimental tracks like Woman Go Wild and So Strong whilst the hip swishing rock and roll of Rain Come Down even saw her inherit some of her father’s legendary style. There’s no doubt that Geldof writes the kind of music that makes you fall in love head first and forget everything around you, something which was certainly true of the night and, bringing back some of the painful reality she’d transported the crowd away from, emphasised by her onstage quip about the US election result.

Exiting to the resounding chime of possibly her darkest yet most powerful track, Geldof took a simple Wednesday night and managed to stop time to provide an Escape Route for all those watching, turning Birthdays into an Eden of beauty. Delicately graceful yet full of vigor and avidity, Pixie Geldof has cemented herself as an artist to keep an eye on with both her music and attitude – not just for her fashion!

Words by William Castile


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