Bleached / Flipside


In the past, Bleached have offered a sound so formidable that it would practically shake down the walls of every hormone fueled millennial’s bedroom. But the days of puberty don’t last forever and now, with the horror of actually having to wash my own laundry alongside the ever multiplying list of “adult” tasks that present themselves, I find myself looking back at those lost days of freedom and saying ‘Can You Deal?

It seems like the LA rockers are no exception to this as,taken from their aforementioned EP, Flipside nourishes and tends to your nostalgia. Sentiment runs deep, within everything from Calvin’s lamenting vocals through to recollections of how B-sides are the best side. For three short minutes, you can forget about that pile of garbage you were meant to empty on Monday.

Growing up is hard. Period. It can’t be sugar coated and you can’t change the facts but, with their more soothing and misty-eyed tone, Bleached are making it just that little bit easier.

Bleached will release their full EP on March 3rd but, whilst you wait, you can stream Flipside here.

Words by William Castile


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