VANT / Chained To The Rhythm


As Matt Healy put it at last week’s NME awards “everything is fucked”. Although drunk and a little too vague, he wasn’t wrong: we are, arguably, experiencing the most tense global period in recent history. America lies under the rule of a fascist and our (unelected) leader is snuggled up in bed with him. In this post-Brexit world of walls and insincerity it’s easy to feel helpless and it’s times like this that we need music. Honest music. Loud music. Rebellious music. Music that unites all global citizens; that challenges society and brings about action. This is exactly what bands like VANT strive to create.

Following Katy Perry and Skip Marley’s evocative performance at the Brits, VANT have recorded a live lounge cover of Chained to the Rhythm. Very much in line with their debut album, DUMB BLOOD, their performance sees brilliant emotional power layered between sonic ferocity. In their harrowing call to arms, fiery passion transcends the lyricism, making it clear that this is not just another cover: this is a plea. It’s almost impossible to listen without being engulfed by the image of May and Trump holding hands as countless lives are compromised and evil, xenophobic views are normalised.

Honestly, it’s hard not to respect VANT for saying something when our government have failed to do so. It’s okay if the state of the world keeps you up at night. It’s not okay if you sit ‘happily numb’ and live your life ‘through a lens’.

Words by Irene Mackie


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