Girl Ray / Stupid Things


Although I’ve never actually known what it’s like to be truly “in love”, they say it makes you feel all sorts of Stupid Things. From the whirlwind of butterflies to the eventual cascade of pain, there’s no escape once Cupid shoots his weird little arrow through your heart. Personally, the closest I’ve ever come to feeling this way was with my now sadly deceased cat (RIP), so it’s lucky that Girl Ray are making the crazy little thing somewhat easier to understand.

With their off kilter piano pop, the North London trio chronicle what it’s like to be fully consumed in the realm of infatuation. Once there, we lose all control. From dressing differently to hanging out in new hotspots, it’s a reminder that if you stop to take look in the mirror, you might not recognise the face staring back. We do all sorts of stupid things for love and there’s nothing wrong with that, Girl Ray just don’t want you to forget yourself along the way.

I once heard that ‘when you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it’ and Girl Ray echo this sentiment exactly.

Words by William Castile


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