The Lorde Returns

At long last! After a reclusive stint that seemed like it would run the course of eternity, it might just be time for the queen of dark pop to emerge from her chambers. Having already alluded to the release new music through a series of cryptic videos on her website, Lorde is now adding more pieces to the puzzle. With a new single, Green Light, expected to drop anytime soon, here’s what we know so far:

Monday 27th February:

Yes, I am. However, I don’t think  my constant need for pepperoni pizza and Burger King is being referred to here.

The singer then followed up her first tweet with this link to perhaps the most enigmatic video I’ve ever seen of someone eating fries in a car. Great one Lorde. Thanks for making me even more hungry.

Tuesday 28th February:

So, once Lorde left us all feeling guilty from the McDonalds we just ordered to relieve our hunger, she then has the audacity to send us on some sort of crazy scavenger hunt? Well, as much as I’d like to drop everything and jet off to New Zealand, it was geographically impossible for me to partake in this little shindig. But here are some findings documented by those who did.


What’s this? Looks like a scene from the Titanic x Martians movie that never made it past production.




When will the days of blatant cat-fishing end? Someone better call Nev.

Wednesday 1st March:

Ok. We’ve been made to feel hungry, sent on a wild goose chase and blinded by an ominous green light. I’m starting to wonder if there’s actually anything in this for us. Feeling pretty violated right now. Wait, what’s that?

I think I’m happy. I mean, I don’t really know anymore. You could have just told me that in the first place Hun.

So there we have it. In the most tantalisingly traumatic game of pass the parcel I’ve ever played, the prize has been unwrapped. Although it’s not one of those strange gooey aliens or a can of silly string, this comes pretty damn close. The Lorde returns! Green Light will be released worldwide tomorrow and, until then, I’ll be taking a nap.

Words by William Castile


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