Temples / Volcano

templesMany a Volcano related pun could be made about the highly anticipated release of Temples‘ new album. However, I shall try my very hardest to avoid entering that unescapable chasm. Once the word “eruption” is out of my system, it will be safe to continue.

It’s fair to say that Temples had to produce something utterly extraordinary to match the magnitude of their debut, Sun Structures. [Magnitude. Have I already started the descent towards tasteless volcano puns? Pretty sure magnitude is related to earthquakes though, all is fine.] Releasing their euphoric lead single Certainty back in September, any doubt about this feat being achieved was totally obliterated and well, if  you disagree, then I am sorry. I can’t help you!

Most of us would rather be anywhere but 2017 considering the current state of world affairs. So how about a trip to the 60s where the days of flower power, psychedelic rock and an all together better time reigned supreme? In an ode to these days, Volcano is not just a journey back to the Earth’s core but also to the depths of ours. The beautiful intricacies of  tracks like (I Want To Be Your) Mirror and Mystery Of Pop act as a means of sweet escape whilst the vigour of Born Into The Sunset and Celebration propel you through the extremes of your emotions.

I once saw a film called Starship Silver Grey in which a young girl embarks on some sort of magical journey through space. After racing the stars and meeting an alien with a smiling face, the young girl wakes up in bed asking herself “Was it a dream?”. How cliché. But with the sentiments of Strange Or Be Forgotten, Temples leave you pondering this exact same question.

Was what I just experienced strange? Maybe. However, will it be forgotten? I can say with all certainty, it will not.

Words by William Castile


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