The Great Escape / Lineup Announcement

New music, you either love it or hate it. If you hate it, well, you’re quite frankly in the wrong place and probably got lost looking for that jaw dropping YouTube video of paint drying. How magnolia. Having established a reputation as Britain’s biggest melting pot of fresh and innovative talent, The Great Escape are making sure you don’t have to endure the pain of a life where Ed Sheeran and that poor excuse for “tropical house” infects your eardrums.

With the likes of Marika Hackman, Slaves and Dream Wife already on the bill, the festival has announced a second wave of acts scheduled to descend upon Brighton’s candyfloss coated shores. It’s not long until we’ll be joining them down there in May, so why not take a look at our favourite additions to the lineup? You’d be a fool not to…



Literally, WTF is going on with Superfood? That was the question on pretty much everyone’s mind after the band vanished into some sort of black hole back in 2015. Thankfully, they made it out the other side alive (even if they did lose a couple of members along the way). But we forgive you guys, Double Dutch is a TUNE!!!

La Jungle:

When I crossed the channel for a lovely trip to Paris last summer, what did I find? Techno, techo and MORE techno. I really hate techno. From then on, the French and their music have had to work very hard in order to regain my trust. One band that’s helping in this process is La Jungle. They are not techno.



Remember when Rat Boy and some girl with pink hair were spotted pratting about behind Ant and Dec at last year’s Brits? Well that’s Girli and, despite what you might think, she’s actually pretty awesome. Now, although my love for pink Juicy Couture tracksuits may have been left back in 2003, Girli’s untameable sass does leave me questioning why.



After being left truly shocked by Girli, you’re going to want a lie down. Though, unless you book a room at Premier Inn, that’s probably not going to happen. So why not have the next best thing and let Babeheaven bring you back down to Earth with their mellow blend of electro-pop and ethereal vocals? Or just drop an eccy? Pretty sure that’s what Girli would want you to do.



Truly. Fucking. Liberating. Enough said.

If you’ve just read all of this and still aren’t sure about buying a ticket, then you must be mad. If you’re sane, click here to avoid missing out. You know you want to.

Words by William Castile



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