Amber Mark / Lose My Cool

To say I totally ‘lost my cool’ upon hearing Amber Mark‘s latest single would be, quite frankly, a little bit cringe worthy. But, to tell the absolute truth, I did. I’m not ashamed of it and, to be honest, I’m not even sure I had much left anyway. What am I kidding? I was the prom king, of course I’m cool!


Coolness jokes aside, what we really want to know is where the fuck has this self proclaimed ‘Germaican’ goddess been hiding all our lives?  Forget Fergie, forget Rihanna and, dare I say it, even forget Beyonce as Lose My Cool is the sassy R&B jam set to challenge them all.

Now, whilst I retreat into hibernation ahead of the oncoming onslaught from the Beyhive and Navy (I can hear their battle cries now), you can stream Mark’s new single below.


Words by William Castile


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