A Guide to Flying Vinyl Festival

With a hot new venue and an even hotter lineup, Flying Vinyl will be landing in Hackney for the second instalment of their infamous indoor festival. If you haven’t already got a ticket, I not only ask a long and bemused ‘WHY?’, but insist you check out our rundown of all the names taking to Oval Space this Saturday. Once you’ve done that, why not buy a ticket here? You’d be a fool not to.

The Wytches:

If you manage to survive the festival without engaging in the hormone rocketing, bruise inducing experience of moshing, then, quite frankly, you’ve done it wrong. But, with The Wytches set to headline, your days of standing peacefully in the corner sipping on a gin and tonic are numbered.

Listen out for: Beehive Queen and Wire Frame Mattress

Spring King:

Grab your five panel cap and denim jacket. You’ll need it when Spring King take to the stage to dish out lashings of modern grunge galore.

Listen out for: Who Are You? and City

Hidden Charms:

Despite their name, Hidden Charms are not so much of a secret anymore although they do remain extremely charming. Both things that I’m sure can be attributed to their brooding attitude and emphatic discography.

Listen out for: Long Way Down and Cannonball 


TRAAMS are back and they’re making sure you know it. With a sound that’s even fiercer than before, stop caring, start living and go absolutely fucking wild.

Listen out for: A House On Fire and Flowers

Dream Wife:

Dream Wife have a proposal and, no, it’s not marriage. Although, if they were asking, we’d obvs say yes. In a world tinted by the misogyny of Donald Trump’s cheese puff glow, their latest track, Somebody, is the feminist anthem we all need right now.

Listen out for: Hey Heartbreaker and Lolita


For all the teenie boppers out there, Anteros will be bringing all the pop-punk you need to smudge your winged eyeliner to infinity and beyond.

Listen out for: Drunk and Breakfast

Trudy & The Romance:

Another group we’d happily have a romantic affair with are Trudy & The Romance. Although, maybe not with the band and more so with their raucous tunes. Gosh, we do get around.

Listen out for: Sandman and Baby I’m Blue

Willie J Healey:

Even though Willie J Healey is the festival’s only solo artist, he’s certainly the one to keep your closest eye on.

Listen out for: Subterraneans and Best Friend’s Sister

Palm Honey:

There’s a few bands sticking their fingers in the ‘Honey’ jar at the moment. However, none are to be confused with Palm Honey and the psychedelic trip to 60s they’ll take you on.

Listen out for: You Stole My Blackout and Palace


If the Spice Girls were reborn as one of 2017’s most socially aware, politically engaged, badass new bands, then they’d totally be Yassassin. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ‘YASS up your life!’

Listen out for: Social Politics and Pretty Face

Words by William Castile and Daisy Lester


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