Honeyblood / Beat Generator Live

Babes Never Die? I definitely wasn’t a sceptic but I treat this phrase like gospel as of Honeyblood’s live show at Beat Generator Live last Friday.

Always charming, always hearty and always loud, super babes Stina Twidale and Shona McVicar displaced us between moments of feisty passion and silky gentleness as they mixed old songs with new in an intimate and chatty set.

As their debut show in Dundee the turnout was, understandably, smaller than their usual gathering. However, Honeyblood’s fire and infectious charm were enough to fill up the gaps in the audience and, as always, girl power was rife. “Don’t introduce yourselves all at once” joked Stina in an attempt to pull the rather timid audience out of their collective shell. And, I must say, it was exactly this self-aware, chatty and open approach that warmed the audience up and really made the show.

Amidst jokes about their inability to keep a secret were hints of return to Dundee for a festival in the summer – so keep a look out. Honeyblood will performing a further range of dates this summer, including Truck Festival in July.

Words by Irene Mackie


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