The Drums / Heart Basel


Have you ever dated an absolute jerk (perhaps called Johnny?) who treats you wonderfully one minute then awfully the next? Well, The Drums’ Jonny Pierce certainly has, as we find out on new single Heart Basel which displays the classic bouncy, gushing, indie-pop that characterises the band. And, more specifically, the raw vibe of their Summertime EP, which lost its way somewhat in later albums.

Obviously, the key components have always been there: the same guitar, synthesiser, drum machine and reverb unit. So, what makes this song so special? Really simply: the clarity and honesty that’s lovingly tucked away in every crevice. Owing to Pierce’s emotive wails and croons (Morrissey eat your heart out), we can’t help but get a heavy heart as Pierce describes his lover’s own “closing up in plain sight”.

With Pierce taking full creative reign following co-founder Jacob Graham’s decision to leave the band are we about to see the album that he always intended to create? Of course, Portamento made us weep but we have a sneaky feeling that Abysmal Thoughts will be a whole new level of tear-jerking, as we see Pierce use art as the ultimate release from “the most significant breakup” of his life, creating beauty out of heartbreak.

Full of emotional honesty, it leaves you stark; bare, yet somehow replenished. Not too bleak but miserable enough to create a dull yearning for something you’d forgotten you forgot in the past. Time to call your mother we think… or your ex.

Abysmal Thoughts is due for release on June 16th by Anti-.

Words by Irene Mackie


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