Temples / Volcano

Many a Volcano related pun could be made about the highly anticipated release of Temples‘ new album. However, I shall try my very hardest to avoid entering that unescapable chasm. Once the word “eruption” is out of my system, it will be safe to continue. It’s fair to say that Temples had to produce something utterly extraordinary to match … More Temples / Volcano

Album Review: Blackstar / David Bowie

Following the tragic loss of our beloved starman, David Bowie, we look back his final album Blackstar , released on his 69th birthday as his parting gift to us. With the release of his 25th album, Bowie has indefinitely reinvented himself once again with his sheer artistic genius creating yet another beautiful record. The canvas which Blackstar lies upon  is … More Album Review: Blackstar / David Bowie

Album Review: Leave Me Alone / Hinds

Lo-fi Spanish charmers Hinds have finally released their highly anticipated debut album Leave Me Alone , and it’s bringing some much needed sunniness to these bleak January days – what else could you expect from the bubbly Madrid quartet? The album’s twelve tracks delve into more emotional territory than people might have expected considering the band’s fun, … More Album Review: Leave Me Alone / Hinds

Album Review: West Kirby County Primary / Bill Ryder Jones

After stepping down as the guitarist of psychedelic rock band The Coral, Bill Ryder Jones‘ audacious sound is quickly prevailing on his latest and most influential solo album West Kirby County Primary. Since his previous work with Arctic Monkeys and The Wytches, Bill has set out on a venture that’s seen him moving towards new and more personal ideas. The central success … More Album Review: West Kirby County Primary / Bill Ryder Jones

EP Review: Tired Eyes / Gengahr

Throughout the year, Gengahr have been quickly flooding everything from bedrooms to festival stages with their gentle aura of soft guitars and wispy vocals. Their debut album A Dream Outside proved to be an island of tranquility among the brasher sounds of their indie rock counterparts, tracks like Bathed In Light and She’s A With drifting through your speakers in a meditative semblance. The only … More EP Review: Tired Eyes / Gengahr

Album Review: Honeymoon / Lana Del Rey

A sultry cacophony of haunting, echoey vocals that wouldn’t go amiss seeping from a dust-smothered gramophone, the intro to Honeymoon oozes that trademark sex appeal that can only be expected from modern Americana muse, Lana Del Rey. Her prowess is a significant subject of her enigma come the third release, having mellowed down the innocence of … More Album Review: Honeymoon / Lana Del Rey

Album of The Week: Highest Point In Cliff Town / Hooton Tennis Club

In just six months, the heavenly Hooton Tennis Club, who take their name from a road sign pointing to a tennis club in North-West Cheshire, have gone from unheard of Uni students making rough demos, to the extremely laid back releasers of the new album Highest Point In Cliff Town. The album consists of 12 equally dopey … More Album of The Week: Highest Point In Cliff Town / Hooton Tennis Club

Album Review: Gone By The Dawn / Shannon and The Clams

It was only recently that retro rockers Shannon and The Clams had us excited with the release of Point Of Being Right, the second single from their forthcoming album Gone By The Dawn. That infectious track set anticipation for the album skyrocketing, and as its release date creeps ever closer, we can safely tell you that the anticipation … More Album Review: Gone By The Dawn / Shannon and The Clams