Artist Spy: Shamir

Shamir Bailey aka just Shamir is every bit the modern day pop star, the 20 year old Las Vegas native refuses to conform and instead attempts to bring everyone together with his feel good pop discography. A cult has developed around him, becoming a queer icon of the internet and tumblr, refusing to identify as any gender … More Artist Spy: Shamir

Artist Spy: Blossoms

With light psychedelic melodies similar to those of Temples, Manchester five piece Blossoms seem to be one of the most unique bands emerging onto the music scene at the moment. Their fusion of hallucinogenic sounds with the edge of buzzing guitars and lead singer Tom Ogden’s vocals gives the band an almost exotic and unprecedented sound … More Artist Spy: Blossoms

Artist Spy: MØ

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new material from Danish electro-pop artist Karen Marie Ørsted aka MØ however, following the release of her debut album No Mythologies To Follow back in early 2014, she’s suddenly made in appearance in both the UK and international charts with Lean On – a collaboration between herself and Major Lazer. Recently performing at Coachella and with … More Artist Spy: MØ

Artist Spy: Black Honey

I first heard about Black Honey several months ago after being sent a link to their free download of Bloodlust and, ever since, their eclectic style which hears contrast between the despairing vocals of tracks like Sleep Forever with more intense tones of rage and passion in Madonna and Spinning Wheel has continued to attract the attention of other bands, blogs and most importantly … More Artist Spy: Black Honey