Rejjie Snow / Flexin

‘Anarchy in the UK’. It was a phrase coined by the Sex Pistols during the days when Mohawks, biker jackets and a zero fucks attitude reigned supreme. Though now, it’s more than just a phrase. It’s a sentiment that has worked its way deeper and deeper into every aspect of mainstream culture. Whilst tonight we perch … More Rejjie Snow / Flexin

Temples / Volcano

Many a Volcano related pun could be made about the highly anticipated release of Temples‘ new album. However, I shall try my very hardest to avoid entering that unescapable chasm. Once the word “eruption” is out of my system, it will be safe to continue. It’s fair to say that Temples had to produce something utterly extraordinary to match … More Temples / Volcano

The Lorde Returns

At long last! After a reclusive stint that seemed like it would run the course of eternity, it might just be time for the queen of dark pop to emerge from her chambers. Having already alluded to the release new music through a series of cryptic videos on her website, Lorde is now adding more pieces to the puzzle. With a … More The Lorde Returns