Rejjie Snow / Flexin

‘Anarchy in the UK’. It was a phrase coined by the Sex Pistols during the days when Mohawks, biker jackets and a zero fucks attitude reigned supreme. Though now, it’s more than just a phrase. It’s a sentiment that has worked its way deeper and deeper into every aspect of mainstream culture. Whilst tonight we perch … More Rejjie Snow / Flexin

Bleached / Flipside

In the past, Bleached have offered a sound so formidable that it would practically shake down the walls of every hormone fueled millennial’s bedroom. But the days of puberty don’t last forever and now, with the horror of actually having to wash my own laundry alongside the ever multiplying list of “adult” tasks that present themselves, I find myself looking … More Bleached / Flipside

Track Review: Small Talk / Ekkah

Describing themselves as falling into the genre of ‘Downtown Disco’, Ekkah certainly call upon some nostalgic beats in their latest single Small Talk.  Although having only released a small amount of music to date, there’s a huge buzz surrounding the electro-pop duo who, made up of the synonymous Rebecca and Rebekah, have already managed to secure themselves a slot … More Track Review: Small Talk / Ekkah

Track Review: Adore / Savages

Opening with an aggressively mesmerising bass line, post punk London rockers Savages are expressing the more oppressive side of life in their latest single Adore. With the morosely profound lyrics of “If I didn’t want the world I’m sure I wouldn’t make you sad”, Adore sets in stone the new and exciting atmosphere surrounding the band’s soon to be released second album. Retaining … More Track Review: Adore / Savages

Track Review: Easier Said / Sunflower Bean

After waking everyone up with the loud roar of Wall Watcher, the lead single of their upcoming debut album Human Ceremony, Sunflower Bean are now showing us a softer side of their sound. Premiering earlier today, Easier Said is a more tender track that explores the delicate intricacies of the New York trio. A much lighter air surrounds Easier Said as Julia Cumming’s wistful vocals offer what … More Track Review: Easier Said / Sunflower Bean