Temples / Volcano

Many a Volcano related pun could be made about the highly anticipated release of Temples‘ new album. However, I shall try my very hardest to avoid entering that unescapable chasm. Once the word “eruption” is out of my system, it will be safe to continue. It’s fair to say that Temples had to produce something utterly extraordinary to match … More Temples / Volcano

The Lorde Returns

At long last! After a reclusive stint that seemed like it would run the course of eternity, it might just be time for the queen of dark pop to emerge from her chambers. Having already alluded to the release new music through a series of cryptic videos on her website, Lorde is now adding more pieces to the puzzle. With a … More The Lorde Returns

Hinds x Urban Outfitters

Music and fashion go hand in hand. Whilst some artists take a more daring approach to their apparel and strut around wearing meat dresses and golden suits, others walk the more casual route. Given their penchant for contemporary and audacious styles, it’s no surprise that Hinds and Urban Outfitters have teamed up to release an exciting new collection together. … More Hinds x Urban Outfitters

Bleached / Flipside

In the past, Bleached have offered a sound so formidable that it would practically shake down the walls of every hormone fueled millennial’s bedroom. But the days of puberty don’t last forever and now, with the horror of actually having to wash my own laundry alongside the ever multiplying list of “adult” tasks that present themselves, I find myself looking … More Bleached / Flipside

Truck Festival / Lineup Announcement

Kim Kardashian may have broken the internet, but Truck Festival have definitely made a big dent in the Twitter-sphere with their first announcement for their 20th anniversary celebration. Hailed ‘the godfather of the small festival scene’, Truck has consistently pulled through with a stellar lineup and this is especially true this year, featuring headlining slots … More Truck Festival / Lineup Announcement

Live Review: Pixie Geldof / Birthdays

  Pixie Geldof’s debut album had been bubbling away in the melting pot for a long time coming but, after finally being gifted to the world last Friday, a lucky few were able to experience the ethereal rock chick perform some of the most impassioned tracks from I’m Yours live last night. With no hesitations upon the doors opening, … More Live Review: Pixie Geldof / Birthdays

International Women’s Day: Inspirational Women of Music

With International Women’s Day upon us, we celebrate some of our favourite female musicians and their work. Whether they have shaped a cultural landscape, pioneered new genres and taken an innovative approach to creation or simply moved us, these women are undeniably an inspiration to many. Patti Smith – Gloria: In Excelsis Deo  Opening the lid on her iconic 1975 debut Horses with the … More International Women’s Day: Inspirational Women of Music

Track Review: Small Talk / Ekkah

Describing themselves as falling into the genre of ‘Downtown Disco’, Ekkah certainly call upon some nostalgic beats in their latest single Small Talk.  Although having only released a small amount of music to date, there’s a huge buzz surrounding the electro-pop duo who, made up of the synonymous Rebecca and Rebekah, have already managed to secure themselves a slot … More Track Review: Small Talk / Ekkah