Artist Spy: Black Honey

I first heard about Black Honey several months ago after being sent a link to their free download of Bloodlust and, ever since, their eclectic style which hears contrast between the despairing vocals of tracks like Sleep Forever with more intense tones of rage and passion in Madonna and Spinning Wheel has continued to attract the attention of other bands, blogs and most importantly new fans.

After being fairly illusive last year and only sharing a few demos online, the Brighton four-piece have suddenly made a big impact with their music which draws similarities to that of Wolf Alice. However Black Honey aren’t Wolf Alice and you can hear that in the originality of their songs. They’re doing something that we haven’t heard for a long time and certainly not conforming to the ‘pristine pop’ facade which seems to be dominating the industry. If anything they are the complete opposite with lead singer Izzy Baxter’s style of varying hair colours and one off retro numbers showing their bohemian and nonconformist attitude. Speaking on XFM Radio about the nature of the band and their music, she explained how there’s a lot of darker themes which lie beneath the already provacative music and then reflected on Sleep Forever realising how it’s almost an exposition of pain and depression using ‘sleep’ as a euphemism for death.

The band are certainly taking all the right steps to promote their music recently performing as both headliners and support with a free gig at Brighton’s Bleach and then, most recently, a performance as support for Superfood at Heaven. Black Honey have all the essentials required of a great live act, energy, emotion and ecstasy with Izzy revealing her inner maverick after kicking a plastic flamingo and throwing a beer bottle into the crowd before then repeatedly screaming ‘love me’. Being there myself, the band create an incredible live atmosphere which leaves a crowd hungry for more.

With a string of UK festivals including a slot at Reading and Leeds lined up for the summer Black Honey are exposing themselves to all the right people and hopefully, this combined with potential new music and recognition from big industry names, is guaranteeing an opportunity to grow and perform – something which they’re already achieving.



Words by William Castile


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