Track Review: Station / Låpsley

Although relatively new to the music industry, electronic singer-songwriter Holly Fletcher, known by her stage name Låpsley, has already won numerous awards and secured slots at highly coveted gigs and festivals with her dreamy and transfixing take on electro-pop. Her music draws in the halcyon and minimalistic influences of bands like London Grammar whilst also having its own uniqueness which sets it aside from the mainstream and strips everything back – something which hasn’t been heard in a long time.

When first hearing the track it appears as a duet between Låpsley herself and an unnamed male vocalist which may seem strange as artists usually acknowledge their collaborators, however there is a reason for this. In actual fact there is no male vocalist in the track and it’s actually Låpsley’s voice dropped several tones to make it appear as if we’re listening to a conversation between two different people. It’s simply her voice, some electronic keyboard chords and various rhythmical beats.Everything seems to resonate creating a sense of transfixion with delicate tones and gentle vocals echoing all within their own space.

As with any slower song it can sometimes be a challenge to create something that’s engaging but Låpsley has done this in such a poignant way with her distinctive sounds that, at only 18 years old, she is sure to experiment and produce ever more striking music.

Words by William Castile


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